My travels around the world

I was born in a small town in central Italy. Since childhood, I dreamed of traveling the world. Maybe that’s why I started to work in tourism. I met so many people, I have visited many cities around the world but now I feel the need to carve out a space for traveling in a different way.

My name is Angelo; I move with 1975 Fiat 500, I carry with my notebooks, pens, coloring books, crayons and small things for children living in remote places. This site is the diary of my travels. An album of stories that speak of my adventures in contact with humanity different from the ones I encountered on my trips. With me, I bring water, a little money, a map and above all a smile to greet all that cross my path.


Angel wings

Angelo wanted to travel the world, but because of the harshness of his childhood, dreams were left in the drawer. But his journey had already begun. Today Angelo has really taken off. He now travels free to enjoy what he sees and what he encounters, with his eyes on the road and his thoughts of the unknown around every corner. This site tells about his travels and his adventures. Stories of people that leave memories in the hearts of those who want to see, understand and investigate.

Life begins with every trip

Can a 75′ year old man who has spent his life in hotels between events and events still be willing to travel? The answer is simple: yes. To travel free without planning anything, with the curiosity of a child. Start the engine of his Fiat and go. In the trunk, there are a few things: cards, binoculars, water and a heavy jacket for cold weather. The medieval travelers used horses and sailing ships to face the unknown lands: the journey was never easy, moreover difficult and full of pitfalls. Angelo, as a businessman, has traveled the world flying across the planet. Today, with his beloved 1975 Fiat 500 he does not want to be in a hurry. The aim doesn’t really matter, only the journey with all the charm of going beyond.